Thursday, April 1, 2010


"All things come from Heavenly Father. Birds, fish, trees, people. They are born. They live. And they die. Everything dies."

That is how the book What Happens When People Die begins.

Consider this nothing more than a plug for that book. For anyone who has children suffering a loss. It is profound and it is simple.

It ends... "It is sad when people die. But it's not forever. Their spirits live on. And we can all be together again. Someday. Until then, we gather our loved ones around us. We think about those who have died and tell stories about them. And we thank Heavenly Father and Jesus for making a way... that we can be together again."

I don't remember who gave me this book after Chris died. But I am glad they did. So, thank you to whomever it was! I love it. :)

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