Monday, April 19, 2010


It has been a few months of me writing here... you have gotten a sampling of my crazy life. Maybe I am not the typical widow - as not all will have to deal with dead cats in their attics, maggots on their back patio and the police on their doorstep. It could be said with honesty that some of my trials come... well... cause I am just plain crazy and scatterbrained!

But, you see... it IS because I am widowed that every day my life is crazy... because once upon a time there was someone who kept me balanced and sane.

Let me give you a quick sampling of my "regular" life.

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

6:30am - The alarm goes off and I hit snooze even though I don't have time today.
6:40am - The alarm goes off again. I hit snooze and put in my eye drops.
6:50am - The alarm goes off again. I am 20 min late. Crud.
I wake the children and put the dog outside. Hurrying up to get ready and we now are running late.
7:45am - We leave the house. We are late.

We drove to a friend's house - where we carpooled together to attend church about 1.5 hrs. away. Had a great day and enjoyed seeing friends I had not seen in several months since we were there last.

Immediately after church is over the kids take the keys and head for the car. I talked for an hour to various people, enjoying the quiet and lack of pestering from the children.

1:30pm -I get in the car to head home. But we weren't going anywhere as apparently the children had the car battery on so they could watch videos in the car. My battery is dead. We find someone to help us - get a jump and we are on our way home.

3:00pm - We arrive home.... and there is no dog. Yes, the dog I just told you is a new member of the family is missing. How can he be missing??

A few minutes later the neighbor calls and tells me someone from a street over was looking for me as they think they have my dog. Yes, they DID... but now Ace is in the pound. I make a few phone calls... wait for return calls...he is stuck there until Monday.

Debates ensue regarding how the dog ended up missing... and how he got out of the house. No resolution.

It is now late... we were supposed to stop at a friend's baby's birthday party. No time now, hopefully they will understand.

3:45pm - I get the frozen Stouffers Lasagna out of the freezer. Company should be here in an hour and fifteen minutes for dinner. Guess I should have checked the cooking time earlier. 1hr. 40min to cook. I guess dinner will be late.

5:30pm - I check the lasagna. I suppose I should have read the directions beyond the cooking time. You are supposed the "tent" the foil on the top... and then remove it at the end (not to mention they suggest putting it on a cookie sheet). Now the lasagna needs to cook even LONGER.

6:00pm - Decided to make cookies. Pull the first batch out of the oven, open the bottom drawer of stove to get the cooling rack. It falls down behind the drawer. I try to reach it. I burn my wrist. I don't stop trying until I am burned in three places. Now the drawer is stuck open until the oven cools and I can get the cooling rack without getting burned.

6:10pm - I take the cookies off the baking sheet with a spatula. The first one breaks and lands on my sock. Melted chocolate all over my sock. I clean it up (as best as you can clean melted chocolate off a white sock). I get the next cookie. My other sock gets caught on the drawer that is still open. Ripped a hole in my sock.

6:25pm - Second batch of cookies are burned. Oops.

6:45pm - Let's do something easy like watch a movie.

7:00pm - Yikes... these cookies are so burned it is hard to call them cookies any longer.


  1. Oh you gave me a good laugh to start my day:)

  2. So... did you ever get to eat the lasagna?

  3. Kathie - Yes, we did eat the lasagna. Stouffer's is not homemade - but not bad for frozen! I actually had some of the leftovers for lunch today!