Friday, April 23, 2010


Let’s take a poll. How many woman out there (widowed or not) when they’re driving along and their car starts to make a funny noise, so they pull over – only to discover a flat tire – think ‘no problem’? Then you quickly start the process of changing a tire.

How many of you? OK, yes, I know there are plenty of women who are schooled in this – and are perfectly capable. But, do you really WANT to do it? Yes, I am sure there are those of you out there that would even want to – and enjoy it.

We have discussed this before….. I am not cut out for being a widow. This is one of many things I just don’t like to deal with. Don’t get me wrong. I really am not afraid of breaking a nail or getting dirty. I just don’t like the hassle… or the pressure of having to do something right. ‘Cause think of it. If you don’t put the tire on tightly enough… that is just all bad! Too much pressure. Not to mention even just trying to get the tire off. I have inherited WEAK upper body strength. Can’t do it.

AAA was on the list of first things to get after my husband passed. I never worried about that type of thing before – because no matter where I was… I would make a phone call and wait – and my husband would be along to take care of me. Now, I am a proud Premiere member of AAA. I certainly get my money’s worth out of my membership. Aside from having a great AAA lady to help me every time I go to travel (shameless plug for Debbie – if you want to be set up with someone great – let me know… I love her), I also have this handy dandy card that I pull out anytime I have car trouble.

Let me illustrate for you the benefits….

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am in the car driving to church about 45 minutes from our home with two kids and a dog (why the dog was with us is another story). It is about 9am. I am dressed in heels and a suit. Church is scheduled to begin at 10am and I am on the program to speak. I hear a strange noise and feel the car driving differently. I pull over on the side of the road. I have, of course, taken the back roads to where I was headed… not a soul in sight. I pull out my AAA card, dial the number and request the assistance of changing a flat tire. They inquire as to where I am… thank goodness for GPS – I provide the address.

I make a phone call to the church to let them know I will be late. They assure me it will be no problem – as I am scheduled later in the service. We pull out the movie Black Beauty pop it in the DVD player and begin watching it.

Some time later I see a AAA van pulling up behind me. I couldn’t tell you how long it was – because quite frankly I was perfectly content sitting in the car with my kids watching a movie with them. No stress. No big deal. Within 15 minutes (not kidding) of the AAA guy’s arrival my tire is changed and I am back on the road.

I arrived at church right before the intermediate hymn. During the hymn I walk up and assume my position on the stand. Immediately after the hymn they announce I will be speaking.

I have no dirt on me. My hands are clean. I don’t have a broken heel on my shoe or even a broken nail. My hair looks almost as good as it did when I left and I don’t even have a run in my nylons. I don’t feel the least bit stressed, because quite honestly it was a bit relaxing!

Yes, with some things I have learned to be proactive!

Lesson Manual: How to be a widow:
7. Think of everything you hate to do and sign up for any memberships that will get you out of doing it! i.e. AAA = no changing flat tires, no worries if you run out of gas, and someone else can come jump your battery!

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  1. I know the mechanics of changing a tire... though I've never done it. I have the "I'll just call my husband" thing going on too.

    I'll admit though, I am afraid of breaking a nail and getting dirty. Both are on my list of things to avoid (along with sweating and bugs!)