Monday, April 26, 2010


The area that I live in looks a little bit like this in the winter. So, to add to my list of "to-do's" that widowhood has left as all mine... There is the shoveling. Who has time for all of this?

On occasion I have persuaded the children to do the shoveling.. and sometimes they have even done it without being persuaded. But, as the winter drags on, they become less interested and I certainly don't have more time.

I found a solution.
A 4x4 vehicle goes through the snow quite well. And once you have gone over the snow a few times... it becomes nicely packed and driving in and out is less of a problem. Except, as anyone who lives in snow country can tell you, at the base of the driveway. That is where all the snow and gunk from the road gets dumped by the snowplows that come through. The snow there is thick and heavy. Difficult to shovel... let alone to drive through.
I was determined... and I found a way. The key: no fear... drive fast. Excellent - one less thing on my 'to-do' list.
I think my neighbors found my lack of shoveling peculiar. One day after we had quite the snow fall I was outside with the shovel. My intent was to shovel in front of the mailbox so the mailman would not bypass me (as he does if he feels there is too much snow...seriously... its annoying). My neighbor saw me and inquired if I needed help with my driveway. In my mind I questioned if that was a serious offer or more of a hint that I should actually REMOVE the snow off my driveway. I quickly informed him I was just shoveling around the mailbox... the driveway... well, I don't shovel that. That is why I have 4 wheel drive.
I have also been blessed with a snow plow fairy. He probably would not appreciate my calling him a fairy. But, somehow I never see him come - I just see the results of him having been there. It is a good thing too... as last year I switched from 4x4 to AWD. I never understood the difference... but now I know the difference. Thanks to my snow plow fairy it has not been a burden. :)


  1. I'm glad to know someone is taking care of you since Darrell and my boys aren't there to do it. They shovel plenty of widow driveways - and it is great to know someone is taking care of your needs too.

  2. Yes, there is either the children, my AWD vehicle... or when it snows a lot... my fairy!

    Tell Darrell and the boys not to forget any of the single women... whether widowed, divorced, or just single. They all have the whole load of household ownership on their own. :)