Saturday, April 17, 2010


After my husband passed and the funeral was over, the next step of picking a gravestone came. I went to the shop and talked to them about options, materials, sizes, etc. I had taken my oldest son with me. I hoped this would be a healthy step for him to have some input into what the gravestone would look like. I picked the color, size and material and turned the rest over to him.

Had I designed the stone, I am certain I would have put something religious - a testimony of our Savior and of His plan of happiness for us. But, I let go.. and let my son have complete creative rights.

He chose to let the stone show the memory of what he loved doing with his dad. The stone was designed to show a man fishing on a boat. Beside him were two boys, one taller than the other. With a little girl at the helm. The man in the etching had hold of a huge fish with his fishing line.

As I looked approvingly at the picture, I coyly asked my son where I was. He quickly responded that I was down below the boat's deck taking a nap~!

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