Sunday, April 25, 2010


A couple years ago I had the opportunity to have our family photos taken by a professional, who also happens to be a friend. I was so thrilled with how well they came out. The family photo was great and each of the children had individual photos that really captured them. It was really great to have a nice photo that I could display of our "current" family (i.e. minus Chris) that I was happy to look at.

Last summer when she was in town I decided to have another photo session and get an updated photo. It is amazing how much the kids grow and change in one year. I was so excited to get the photos back. Aften was very fast with the turn around and I had them back within a week! She gives me a CD version and print versions. I took the CD and popped it in my computer. The photos, once again, were great! Except for one thing. I looked awful! Really. Now, I know it may not be natural to view a photos at 400% zoom - but how is it possible that I look that much worse in just one year. My eyes were horrible. I started crying. I am not an overly emotional person... but I just sat there looking at myself wondering how I let myself fall apart in one year. I looked terrible.

Admittedly, it was not as noticeable until you zoomed in on my eyes... but nonetheless... it was there. Pictures don't lie. Take a look at yesterday's post... Hello!!! What is going on? Not only was my life spinning out of control... but it was starting to wear on me. I am certain people have whispered about me behind my back "Look at her... You can see the stress is getting to her. She looks awful." I am sure it has been said... and possibly not even said that nicely.

Crying... I just sat there crying. And I vowed to take better care of me this year.


  1. Do you sometimes look tired??? Yes. Awful??? NEVER!!!I guess it is just a matter of perspective...I have always thought you were beautiful...let's face it you are part of a family with good look genes...but with you it is even more than that. Your beauty radiates from the inside out. This blog is showing that to even more people.

  2. Awww shucks! That is why I keep you around as a friend. When you look like I do lately... Ya gotta have friends like you!!

  3. What? Silly lady! You're a beauty. Seriously, you're so pretty and you really do have the best personality. It drew me to you. Good seeing you this weekend.

  4. ok, one more thing. When return to me starts playing, sometimes I get a little teary eyed.

  5. Erin, Have you seen the movie Return to Me? It is great! I just love it. A great widow movie. And I say widow... not widower... as I think many of us widows hope there are good looking widowers like David D. out there!! :)

    One advantage is that you have ONLY known me tired with wrinkles and dark circles! I didn't always look like this! The question really is it just age? Or is it just widowhood / single parenthood?

    And - we need to live closer... or I just need to drive out and see you more!!! Loved seeing you and your beautiful family as well.

  6. Kim, I have that movie and I love it!