Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After my husband passed, a counselor from Hospice had met with the children a few times and we had gone to some activity nights at Hospice. One of my fondest memories were when they gave each of my children a Penny Bear.

Those little bears just sit upstairs now with other forgotten about stuffed animals, but for a time in my children's life they had great importance and meaning. The bears came with a small story book that told of a little boys loss. The story shared how the little Penny Bear was there in place of the loved one. According to the organization's website, "Some people feel that finding a penny means they will have good luck, or that by making a wish and tossing a penny into a fountain or wishing well, their special wish will come true. Others read the words on the penny and think about how important the words “In God We Trust” are in their lives."

For anyone with small children who are grieving... I just want to share that these bears are on my top 10 list of favorite things!

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