Friday, April 30, 2010


When my husband was ill and we were planning treatment, we met one day with the Radiologist. They took us into a room that had a row of 'beds'. We assumed our position in the area assigned to us and waited for the doctor. As we sat there, we were looking around - and directly next to us was a little boy about 4 or 5 years old. He had lost his hair due to the chemo and looked very ill. Chris talked to him about what was wrong with him, etc and made some chit chat.

As we left the hospital that day, I walked out with a lump in my throat as I held my husband's hand. It was horrible to watch my husband in pain. It was even more horrible to consider that he may not 'get better'. But as bad as things were - I could not imagine it being my child that was ill. We both uttered those feelings as we drove home and we kissed and hugged our three healthy children as we arrived home that day. We were blessed and we were grateful that if there was to be pain in our home that it didn't have to be our children's pain.

I have a couple friends with sick children. I can not imagine the emotional turmoil that it must take as a mother - unable to take that pain away. My one friend's son is battling cancer and as I read her daily blogs regarding their trial... my heart is filled with such compassion - and I remember that my life is good. I also pray that she will feel, as we did, the comforting influence of the Holy Ghost. That they may, through the atonement, have some of their pain and sorrow taken away. That they may feel their Savior's love. Those things allowed me to press forward with steadfastness every day. I pray it will sustain them as well.


  1. I can't even think of things like that happening to my children. Honestly- I can't handle it.

  2. I know... I don't know that we count our blessings often enough. I was in the city tonight to see Jersey Boys and as I drove past the exit for the Cancer Institute I thought of my friend who has been there all week with her son. It makes me sad....