Wednesday, April 28, 2010


One of the hardest aspects of single parenting multiple children... is when you have to be more than one place at a time.I am one person. I can only be one place. Usually it takes a lot of juggling and I wish that I had more time to socialize even just for the aspect of making friends with parents of other children so I could engage in carpooling... but somehow - it just doesn't seem to work. I rarely have the opportunity to socialize with my current friends... let alone make new ones. I am usually just trying to be two places at one time and my children have learned that mom is just late... often.

My son has a birthday party on Friday that he has been invited to. He doesn't get invited to too many birthday parties that fall on dates and times that he can ACTUALLY go.. but a Friday night is perfect. The party was originally scheduled for Sunday - which would not have worked - but Friday - so much better... EXCEPT for the fact that I just bought tickets to go see Jersey Boys. You see... I purchased the tickets around 5pm, only to have my son hand me the revised invitation stating the new date at 8pm. I really want him to be able to go to this party. He really needs to have some social interaction with boys his age (in our circle of friends he is always with boys older or younger).

But I really want to go see Jersey Boys. I asked who all was invited.. on the off chance I would know one of them. I don't.

Did I mention I really want to go see Jersey Boys?


  1. Kim... how often do you give up what you want or need so you can give/be/buy what your kids want or need?

    Go to the concert... every Momma needs a break, especially a single momma. There will be more birthday parties.

  2. Can you drop him off earl and pick him up late? Surely they'll understand, right? I really want you both to win.

  3. Picking him up late would be something like a 1am pick up. I don't dare make that recommendation! :)

    But - I do have friends out there.... and luckily that friend reads this blog... and luckily she will be in town on Friday night and will be able to pick him up for me!

    So. He is going to the birthday party and I am going to see Jersey Boys in my nose bleed seats I purchased! Sadly, I had to ask five people until I found someone who was willing to spend the evening with me. Thanks for saying yes Lisa... I was beginning to worry I would have to go solo... and look at the empty seat I purchased next to me.

  4. yeahh!! thank you to the nice person helping out my sister nad nephew!