Friday, April 9, 2010


The inventive side is from my husband.

The gene to fix things and make them work... from my husband.

The kids left alone with time on their hands... well, that has just become a norm around here.

As you can read about here, I moved a few times. In my second home, we lived in town - but the location was great with each of my neighbors actually having acres - not just a lot. Ours was a 'lot' but we felt like we had space.

My kids claimed more space than what was really ours. Multiple times I would look out my kitchen window and see toys over on the neighbors property. Some of those items... such as brooms and other household items along with boards and chairs they had apparently used to build a 'clubhouse' were not apparent until the leaves fell in the fall.

Some days I would be driving up the road and see my children riding skateboards down the neighbors driveway (they had a long driveway that had a steep decline). I tried to explain to them that just because there was lots of space around us... it wasn't ours. We had this nice little lot and that is where they should play.

One day I came home and saw my oldest son pushing his brother down the road and onto the neighbors' driveway. At first glance I couldn't figure out what 'ride toy' he was on. Then, I realized that was because it wasn't a toy. My son was strapped into a child's car seat that they had attached to one of those things you lay on and it has wheels - and you use it to roll underneath a vehicle.

Nice contraption. And we are again... riding down the neighbor's driveway.

Stop the insanity. We were turning into white trash.

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