Friday, April 16, 2010


Last year, after my oldest son had gone to live with my brother-in-law, and we were in the process of 'repairing his wrath' around the home... my kids started to pester me constantly about getting a dog. I heard about it every day.

A conversation would go like this:
**mom at work, receives a call from the children**
"Hi Mom"
"Hi Sweetie"
"So, what time are you going to be home"
"I shouldn't be too late tonight"
"OK, I'll see you later"
"Bye sweetie"
"Bye" *** "Wait, Mom?"
"I want a dog"

"I want a dog" was the ending to almost every conversation. Let me clarify that I don't dislike animals... I just don't want to have any of my own to care for. Really, do you think I have time for one more thing? But, the children were insistent. And I would come home after work to a house that was once filled with the anger and chaos of my oldest child to a home that felt empty. That was silent.

I started to keep my ears and eyes open for a small dog. Maybe. Just maybe. But, there was no way I was going to go to the pet store and pay hundreds of dollars for a dog.

I was walking with my girlfriend one evening and she mentioned there was a lady at her work that had puppy that was considering giving it away. It was a complicated situation - but it was a pure breed miniature schnauzer. I didn't know what that was - but it was a miniature - so that sounded good. I told her to let me know, I might be interested.

As it turned out her friend was interested in giving the puppy away to a good home. Unsure that "a good home" described us, I asked if we could "dog-sit" for a week. I was at their home a couple days later to get "Ace". He fit in. He was crazy and wild. He brought the life, that my oldest son's departure had taken, back into the house. He would run around and never stop. He greeted the children with jumps and kisses the minute they walked in the door. The minute that their mom should have been there to do it... but since I was at work - call me crazy but there was something comforting about knowing my kids were being greeted with excitement.

At the end of the week I was watching the kids play with him... and I just knew. I knew I wasn't giving him back. He was as crazy and wild as the rest of us and he belonged right here with us.

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  1. This is the perfect song. As a fellow widower I get it all of it. It is funny how animals can change everything.