Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today, Over 10 Years Later

Every now and then... life is happening and the reality of it sneaks up on you and you start crying.   It is true.

My 'baby' turned sixteen a couple weeks ago (after my middle child was off to college).  At sixteen in our church there are some significant events, especially for the Young Men.  And those events are made even more special when they are shared with a father and son.

Family helps out, and the Lord lines up the tender mercies, so even when I don't think of filling gaps - they get filled.

It was the realization of His tenderness and love that overwhelmed me a couple of weeks ago.  I just burst into tears.  My son was embarrassed as I publicly cried as I bore testimony of the loving grace of our Savior Jesus Christ and of His tender mercies that fill the cracks in my side walk. I didn't expect the tears - but sometimes I am just so full of gratitude that I burst.... and the tears pour out.