Thursday, April 29, 2010


To illustrate for you how my lack of being able to be everywhere I need to be when I need to be there has worked... I will share one experience.

Last year my youngest son wanted to participate in an after school club. Again, my lack of socializing and actually KNOWING the other mothers takes its toll in moments like this. I don't know anyone that I can ask to bring him home who may also happen to be there picking up their child. Isn't that pathetic? Really it is.. I know. I figured it was only a couple times a week for about six weeks. I talked to my boss about the possibility of just skipping lunch on those days and running out later in the day to pick my son up from school. My boss was fine with this. It worked out fine the first few times I went to pick him up. Then one day I was particularly busy at work. I had not even given one thought to the fact that is was a Tuesday, which meant I should be picking my son up at the school. About 30 minutes after the designated time for me to pick him up - I heard my cell phone ringing - but didn't even bother to check it as I WAS at work and WAS very busy. So I continued working. Another 30 minutes later my phone rang again. This time I glanced at the caller id and regretfully recognized the number as coming from the school campus. Immediately my whole body panicked as I realized in an instant that it was TUESDAY! AND it was over an hour PAST the time I should have picked my son up. I answered apologetically. The principal was quite kind. I ran to my car and drove as quickly as legally (kinda) possible to the school.

I parked on the curb and ran in the building. As I walked in, I fully expected my son to be annoyed, upset, frightened... some sort of unpleasant emotion. But he was fine. Seemed completely unaware of the fact that his mother had left him there past the normal time and that the principal and he were the only people left in the building. The principal walked out with us and I profusely apologized.

We got in the car and I asked my son about his experience. Was he worried, what did the principal say, etc. He blankly stated, "The principal told me that I should call you. I told him you were probably in a meeting and you'd come get me when you were done"

My sweet precious little boy. Despite his mother's craziness... still has confidence in me (I didn't dare tell him the truth).


  1. I wonder if he reads your blog... :) Don't be too hard on yourself! We have all done that- even those of us without the "widow" excuse.

  2. I actually read the blog to him... at least anything I think is funny. If I write a serious one the kids look at me like I am some weird alien. :) I will probably pass on reading this one to him... and he won't question it -he will just assume it is serious and sappy!

  3. Agreeing with Christine...I once dropped off my oldest at school on time when there was a two hour delay. Oops.

  4. The thing about widowhood is you see a very destinct before and after... and although there were plenty of times I forgot about things before... NOW it has become a norm. Thus, my son's reaction to not even think to call me. He figured I'd show eventually. Nor was he upset. Why? Because it has become the new normal!! :)