Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have heard people comment before about the sad eyes of those who have endured a loss. I think I can see sadness in my eyes... but then I believe that sadness turned to tiredness. What do you think? Below are three pictures of my eyes. One is from before my husband was sick. One is from the day of his funeral. And the other is from this winter.

Can you guess which is which? Can you see sadness in my eyes?

Tired, Sad, or Happy?


  1. 1. Happy
    2. Tired
    3. Sad

    Those are my guesses.

  2. Well.. I guess you are either not an opinionated group... or no one read today! :0) I can't blame you really... The photos are scary. It is quite possible I have scared a chunk of you off.

    Here is the answer key:
    1. Sad
    2. Happy
    3. Tired

    Kathie, I am sorry you didn't even get one right. Maybe it is just me... I can see it.

    Isn't the third photo just plain YIKES!!?

    That photo was taken about a month ago. I was at my girlfriends house and we were doing Mary Kay makeovers. They have this electronic online thing that you can mess with your hair and makeup. Anyhow - in the photo I AM wearing a foundation... which should be SOMETHING in terms of covering up the scariness. I took my photo about ten times that night. I kept messing with my makeup.. and putting more makeup on in hopes that eventually I would look better. I would look in the mirror and think, "oh yeah, it is better now..." but then take a photo and realize... NOPE... I got a ways to go!

    Anyone know any magical eye creams??

  3. My friend Shannon just "IM'd" me. She got them all correct. Of course, I can not guarantee she did not cheat.

    She said #1 looked like I was on auto pilot. Probably a good assessment.

  4. Wow! That is just pitiful. I thought I'd at least get one right! I've never been one of those people who understood the whole "you can see it in their eyes" thing anyway. I see nothing but eyes. The emotion, for me, comes from facial expressions and body language.

  5. Yes, the top photo is much harder to see in just the eyes. If you saw the fake smile I had on as well that would have helped!!

  6. I think your eye color is changing....

  7. Christine - I think it is probably more likely you are seeing a difference in the lighting and cameras used. But, maybe you are right... As supposedly my eye pigment is being scrapped off daily... that is so weird.