Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We still celebrate my husband’s birthday. We treat it just like he was here and use the opportunity to celebrate him.

A couple years ago we were returning from my son’s visit with his psychologist and we stopped at a shop that had become a favorite bakery. We had plans that afternoon to take a picnic lunch up to one of our favorite state parks and enjoy the day. As we were examining the options for a ‘birthday cake’ it became evident to the lady behind the counter that we were looking for the perfect dessert for a special occasion. She innocently asked my son, “What’s the special occasion?’ My son easily replied, “It’s my Dad’s birthday”.

We decided on a pie and my son pointed out to her the perfect one. She promptly boxed it up for us to take. She cashed us out and then sweetly commented, “Tell your dad happy birthday for me.” My son smiled and assured her that he would. As we walked out of the bakery, my son turned to me and with a wry grin and asked, “How do you think she would have reacted if I told her we were buying a birthday pie for a dead man”. I laughed. Some things are too much information for others, but we find the humor ourselves.

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