Monday, March 22, 2010


As I have mentioned before, I have had a relationship (in my book) with three different guys since Chris passed. Only one of those guys did not have children. Nor did he have much experience with children.

My kids loved him though and he was pretty great with them. Although, I don't think he ever took a 'Babysitters Course' and that combined with a few experiences and his lack of past experience.. made him questionable when it came to leaving the children in his care. :) At least at first. He had a lot to learn.

One particular experience happened one summer afternoon. I was inside working on some things on my computer and he walked in the house and said he smelled gasoline. I knew my oldest was outside playing with a friend so I instantly panicked. I asked my friend if he would go see what the boys were doing. He agreed and went to check. He saw my son in the garage and asked him why it smelled like gasoline. My son explained that they had hit the can of gasoline and it accidentally spilled. My friend accepted the story and returned inside. When he walked into the room I was in, I looked up and asked if everything was OK. He said yes, and then casually proceeded to tell me what my son said was the cause for the odor. I stopped typing, looked up at him and froze. You believed him? You took his word for it? You didn't snoop around to find the real story or at least identify the location of the spill? I quickly hopped up and ran outside. Upon exiting the back door I saw four to five feet high flames in my back yard. I grabbed the hose... started screaming at my son... something along the lines of "what were you thinking?" In a panic, my son was responding that he "didn't mean for it to be this big". The chaos continued for another minute or so... the two of us screaming at each other, before I was able to put the flames out.

By this time my friend had come out to see what all the screaming was. I looked at him and said, "And that is why you never believe teenage boys".

He was learning... life was not so simple when you were dating a widow with three children. A widow, I might add, that was losing control!


  1. Oh man! Poor Tom. He's my favorite ex of yours. There is something so naive yet endearing about him.

  2. Luckily he has a good sense of humor. No doubt he could write an entire blog himself on his experiences 1. Dating a Widow 2. A long-time bachelor dating a woman with children... yes, naive... he had no clue the chaos that would come!