Monday, March 8, 2010


My friend ‘J’ is coming up on her five year anniversary. As the day approaches she e-mailed me this note:

As the day comes and goes that changed your life forever, you realize that no one in the world really remembers, but it is a day you can never forget for it is one of those moments that everything changed in a flash and that flash is forever embedded in your memory.

I think one thing I have gotten much better at in terms of personal growth is to be more patient with others’ actions and words. We never know what has just happened to them or what anniversary is creeping around the corner.

After Chris’ death there was many times that I would be standing in line at the grocery store looking around watching the people around me. I would stand there thinking about how strange it is. The person in line right behind me… they have no idea I have just buried my husband. But, what is their story? I began to realize that within so many of us is something… something for which an anniversary comes and goes or a terrible burden they are facing daily while the world goes on like it is a day of normalcy.


  1. Which, I suppose, is why it is so very important to treat others with a Christlike respect, love, and forgiveness...A good thought to start the day with!

  2. That is exactly it Jenn. Thank you!