Sunday, March 7, 2010


As is evident from yesterday’s post, I have several sisters. Quite a few years ago we decided to try to get together for a “Sister’s Reunion” as we are all spread out in different states. This had just started to become a tradition when my husband got sick. The year he was sick my sisters decided it was best that they spend their resources and each come visit to help at staggering times. The following year, the funeral brought us together.

It took a few years for us to decide to get back to our reunions. Last year was the first stab at resurrecting the tradition. I made the necessary arrangements so I could get away for a weekend and we met up in Lake Tahoe.

Our weekends are really just about playing cards, sitting in the hot tub, and of course a little shopping. As we were checking out some of the local shops in Tahoe, my sister came across a pair of sunglasses she fell in love with. They came with a hefty price tag. Certainly this was not a purchase she would easily be able to justify to her husband. We continued shopping and she gravitated back to the sunglasses. Thoughtfully, she turned to me and suggested, “If you bought a pair of sunglasses - you wouldn’t have to justify it to anyone. Then I could tell my husband that I HAD to buy them because it was a sisters’ thing.”

Yes, we were discovering a few of the perks to widowhood…:)

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