Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have commented before about my lack of reverence. I will tell you it seems to be hereditary. All my siblings came in for the funeral services. The night of the viewing we had traveled together in my Yukon. On the way home a discussion began about how this was not just a loss that was affecting me… as Chris had dated one of my sisters for a short stint… so she was facing the death of an ex-boyfriend. I then pointed out that another sister should be feeling a loss as well, as he had once thought she was the prettiest of us all. Then another sister noted that she too had a “special” relationship with my husband (of course before he was my husband). So, with the five of us sisters this meant that: he thought one sister was hot, dated another, had a special relationship with one (whatever that means) and then married me. Leaving one sister with no connection…left out. At which thought she began to question, “Why not me? Why didn’t he like me?” Of course, we reminded her that since he had passed there would be no way of knowing why she was sadly left out. As the discussion continued it was determined since he was not here to answer for himself – his brother would have to answer for him.

When we arrived back to the house, the five of us stormed in on my brother-in-law. He had no idea what was hitting him when my oldest (left out) sister demanded that he account for his brother’s actions. She recounted the relationship he had with each of her four sisters, and wanted to know why she wasn’t good enough to catch his attention as well.

In a calm and smooth way, his brother simply replied, “Chris never expressed interest in you, because he knew of the feeling I had for you - and didn’t want to betray me.”

The perfect response to diffuse the situation.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of this story. He really did make me feel better. Even though it was total BS. :)

  2. Yes, he is a good guy... to be willing to reach out in one's time of need.

  3. "Had a special relationship with one (Whatever that means)..." That means he totally wrote me when I went to college and made it clear that he "liked" me. Trust me, a girl knows these things.