Saturday, March 27, 2010


As I working away at work one day this past week, I received a phone call from my youngest's teacher. She began to tell me this long travelogue about how she was reading the children a book that she had never read herself prior to reading it in class to the students. She was very apologetic about this and continued by explaining that she had seen the movie and it was such a sweet story, etc. etc.

As she was telling me this whole story, my mind could not fathom where she was going with all of this. Then she explained. In the movie they quickly touched on the fact that the little boy's mother dies. But, in the book, it went into great depth regarding his feelings about this.

The teacher stated that while she was reading, she continually would glance up at my son to ensure he was OK. He seemed to be, so she kept reading. She called to let me know this had happened in class today and to offer to stop reading the book if I felt that was necessary.

I assured her that she was fine, and that there should be no reason to stop reading the book - but that I would check-in with my youngest that evening to see how he was doing.

I have never been one to shy away from any type of media that addresses death... I actually embrace it. I think it is healing for the kids to be able to read or watch how another child handles the same trial they have been given. Isn't there something about feeling validated? That is a piece of why I write this blog... for all the widows out there who go through some of the same insanity... so they can be validated. Kids need that too. And books and movies are a great source. They also allow for us to engage in some seriously healing conversations.

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