Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The year Chris was sick, he attended Parent Teach Conferences in the fall with me. We were naturally worried about the kids... their father was very ill, and not getting better. The kids seemed to be doing OK at home - but we were concerned about what kinds of behavior may be manifesting itself at school.

We had appointments with each of the children's teachers. Two of the three children's teachers were conscious of our situation and sensitive to our concerns. They answered our concerns with direct, open and honest answers. We were happy to find that the children seem to be doing alright.

As we arrived at the classroom to meet with the last child's teacher we were hoping to find similar news. When we inquired with the teacher as to how his behavior was, she expressed that she found his behavior bothersome. I took a deep breath, preparing myself to learn perhaps, something of how my child was feeling. We asked her to explain. She stated my child made noises. What kind of noises? Like, sound effects. To everything the child does, there are sound effects. Loud, where it bothers others. No, none of the other children seem to notice. Does he interrupt the class? No, it is usually during free time, but it is annoying.

This poor child is dealing with his father dieing. And you are concerned that he is still able to use his imagination, as many his age do, to escape to a world of their own... and it's annoying YOU? He is not interrupting any other children or class time... just annoying YOU?

Well then, we are done here. Sounds like he is doing perfectly fine, and no, we will not say one word to him about it.

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