Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Although I can say I was not hesitant to jump into the world of dating, the children did not necessarily feel the same way. There were not any open rebellions to the first person I started dating... but as things go, that fizzled and I met someone new. I dated that person for a short time and then there was someone new. I suppose the kids felt this was too much. They didn't understand why I didn't just stick with the first guy and marry him.

My oldest, as with most things, had the hardest time with this. On one occasion when Guy #3 was visiting he decided to show him just how he felt about his entrance into my life. He proceeded to go out in the garage, find a can of spray paint and spray paint Guy #1's name all over the place.

How do you react to that?


  1. Where specifically did he spray paint? On the ground, on the house?

  2. He kept his art to the garage... nothing a little paint couldn't fix. :)