Friday, July 23, 2010


17 years later...

The first two years that I was a widow, I felt there was too much change. It was constant. I was moving, my job was changing, the kid's needs were changing, and as you have read, my boyfriends were changing. I felt I couldn't get a handle on anything... as soon as I thought I was starting to get things figured out - it was fruit basket upset.

Three years ago when I moved into the home I am now in, I prayed and prayed that this would be the end for awhile. That things would calm down and there would be some continuity. Bit by bit that seemed to come. I started to be able to see and think clearly.

I suppose the thing with the lack of change is, you start to become so complacent, you can lose out on opportunities to learn and grow. So, sometimes, the Lord gives a little push to your house of cards... and things get all turned upside down.

I feel like that is my life right now... one by one every aspect of my life is experiencing change. When it started.. I didn't think anything of it... then the second element of my life.. then the third, and on.

Change is happening... All the pieces of my carefully put together puzzle have been thrown in the air and turned upside down. And yet, I have full confidence that when the pieces all settle back down, the picture of my life will be better than what I have now.


  1. I love the way you express yourself....just one of your many gifts!

  2. Thanks Patty... Hope you have had a chance to shower and sleep following your week in the woods camping!

  3. Yes, I am all rested up....I do have bites all over my ankles! And my Young Women really enjoyed your son while on the trek...they said he was really funny.