Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Our church would have regular youth activities for our region, and every time we did Chris was there, as his mother was in charge of them and he would come to help her with whatever she needed.

Many of the girls were taken with him. He was cute and charming. I thought it was a little weird. Honestly. There was never one thought in my mind in the direction of having any sort of crush on him.

I remember one activity we were all seated for a nice dinner. Everyone was dressed up in their semi-formal wear as a dance was to follow dinner. I don't remember for sure what was for dinner, but I think it was lasagna. Chris was going around filling every one's water cup. I was watching this one particular table that was not hiding the fact that they were enjoying his presence as they would quickly drink all their water, then call out, "Water Boy" in order to lure him back over. I found it quite comical.

For over a year, this was the typical circumstances under which I saw and got to know Chris. He was kind, and likable and always seemed to give attention to the one who needed it. He became my friend. I would put on my three-inch heals.. and tower over him and make short jokes. He was funny and charismatic.


  1. I totally remember that dinner so well. My friend, Shersti and I started beckoning to Chris, "Oh, water boy" to the tune of "Oh Lover boy" from the Dirty Dancing movie. The rest of our table was horrified the first time Shersti and I did it but Chris was so sweet and charming that the rest of the table soon joined in on our fun.

  2. Shersti... now there is a name I had not thought of in a long time. I dated her brother. He blew me off in the end, which pattern of dating I have seemed to resume since Chris' death. I swore off dating for a year after him. It made me realize the guys my age were immature, the guys a little older should be on a mission, and older than that was too old. Or so I thought for a time. See how things change?