Saturday, July 31, 2010


Expenses, expenses, expenses.

I am not a rich widow... But, I am a blessed widow. Thankfully, my Father in Heaven has been very mindful of my needs.

Around Christmas time I felt that one expense after another was hitting me.. money was going out very quickly, but not coming in any faster than normal. I analysed my expenses... considered what was coming... considered that I'd like to do at least a small Christmas for the kids... and calculated my negative. It didn't look good. I have avoided debt throughout widowhood to the best of my ability... but it was not looking good. I could not avoid any of the expenses, except gifts for my kids.

I tried to be as frugal as I could for a few weeks as I continued to write checks larger than what was coming in. My savings was draining quickly. I just took it in stride... not even knowing what to pray for... because I didn't see a solution. I figured my tax return would have to dig me out of the hole in a few months.

As I was at work one day, my boss asked me to type a letter for him. As I listened to the dictated letter... I became very curious. The letter was indicating that the associates had earned a bonus (which had never been paid since I worked there, nor in the many years prior), and that the bonus would be paid early... as in... before Christmas. I was hesitant to get my hopes up... but did calculate in my head what my maximum bonus would be. It would help. It would not be enough to cover everything... but it would help.

As the week unfolded I heard more commentary on the pending bonuses. My boss looked at me and smiled a little one day and told me I would be very happy with my bonus. I hoped that meant I was getting the max. It would help.

A week or so later... the checks were cut. I opened my check... It was not my 'maximum' it was MORE.... How do you get MORE than your maximum? I drove home over my lunch hour that day, overwhelmed with gratitude. The amount I got, was the amount I needed. It covered everything. I would be able to meet all my bills, almost to the penny. I can not express the overwhelming gratitude I felt for a watchful Heavenly Father... who still... five years later loves and watches over me.

I will also mention... that I also have a strong testimony of paying tithing.... blessings come. I am grateful to have the opportunity to pay my tithing and reap the blessing.

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