Sunday, June 13, 2010


A couple weeks ago in Sunday School we had a lesson on Hannah.

I knew the story. Hannah had not been blessed with the gift of a child. She pleaded with the Lord to bless her with a child, and if He did, she covenanted that she would give her son to His service when he was old enough.

The Lord blessed Hannah and, as she promised, when he was of age, she gave him to Eli at the temple so he would be in the service of the Lord.

I am touched in that story of the demonstration of great love and devotion to her son, as she continued to visit him yearly and make him a coat every year.

As I sat in class listening to a story that I have long known, I was struck with a realization that I had not had before. What a woman of faith. What a woman of hope. What a woman of charity.

Sending my oldest to go live with his uncle 20 hrs from home was the most emotionally difficult thing I have endured: To make that decision, to realize I could not provide him what he needs, and send him to someone who could. To let go, was in part due to a covenant I have made with the Lord. In bearing these children it becomes my sacred duty to bring them up in light and truth. To lead them and guide them on paths that are good. I needed to send Christopher, so I could re-direct his path. But, as a mother.... letting go... was difficult.

Look at Hannah. What a great example of faith, and hope and charity. Those traits that everyone of us seeks. She followed through on her end of her covenant with the Lord. She willingly gave her child back to the Lord. And was grateful. Grateful that the Lord had entrusted her with him for the time that he did.

I have no doubt that Hannah was pained by giving up her child earlier in life than was customary for the time... I think I have felt a bit of that pain. But, she reminded me of faith, hope and charity. The story of Hannah begins with a cry of distress and ends with a cry of thanksgiving.

May we use that perspective in facing our own trials... if we are faithful... our story, too, will end with a cry of thanksgiving.

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