Thursday, June 10, 2010


If I walked into a room and Chris was watching TV... and he was in a chair and there was an empty couch in the room... I would chose to sit in the chair with him. That was just the way I was. I enjoyed him - and would typically choose to be WITH him versus just near him.

When Chris was in the hospital following his surgery, it was difficult day after day to walk in and see the state that he was in. I really just wanted to snuggle up with him and feel his presence and know that everything would be OK. The first week after his surgery that possibility of snuggling up with him amongst tubes and tubes and tubes was not realistic. There was too much fear over pulling a tube out! When they eliminated some of the tubes, I took to snuggling up in his hospital bed with him daily.

Once, while I was laying in bed with him, the doctor walked in to check on him and was a little surprised to see two of us squeezed into that small hospital bed. After a couple times of seeing us that way, it became a bit of a joke and he would knock and ask if it was safe to come in. We got a good laugh over it.

Have you ever seen The Notebook? Below are some of the scenes from the movie... the very last made me cry; when he climbed in bed with her in the hospital. Of course, in the movie they die together - but what I saw was a man who wanted to be with his wife... who wanted to hold her. When I saw this movie it hit me how much I missed that... And it made me remember with great fondness the many times I climbed into bed with Chris so I could be with him.... not just near him.

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