Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was scanning through my actual diary the other day, and as was very typical, I would write and then go months without writing, then there would be another entry. There was / is a reason for that. I was in survival mode. Plain and simple.


May 15, 2007
I keep thinking I need to get back to writing and do it regularly. But, at the end of the day, I'm done! So.... here was today:

I called the babysitter as I was walking out of work and asked her to grab a frozen dinner and put it in the microwave. By the time I got home it was about done. I took it out and put it on plates for the kids, then took the sitter home.

Got back home at 5:50, changed my clothes, took the kids and went running at the track.

Took the youngest on a mom and me night out. Got home at 8:20. My girlfriend was here when I got home. I had promised to help her download songs on her son's mp3 player. Just got started and the youngest cut his foot badly. Dealt with that - went back to my friend, kids were crazy. Lost my patience, sent them to bed (at least ten times before they went).

Another friend stopped over to chat. Chatted with her while I helped my other friend with her mp3 player. At 10:00 I remembered I was supposed to make a cheesecake for the youth group at church the next night.

It is 11:15, just took the cheesecake out (I got some laundry done while I was waiting). Going to bed.


Things haven't changed much. My days still pretty much stack up that way. Where was the homework time? Oops! No wonder I have issues there.

Life continues to be busy busy.

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