Monday, June 28, 2010


On my birthday, my girlfriend (much to my dismay) decided that I needed to have company this year. Usually I am left alone to sulk away. This year, four Single Ladies (and their children and even some children's friends) celebrated.

We were talking and my phone rang with a concerned friend who had read my blog and wanted to make sure I was OK. I assured her I was and when I got off the phone I started to tell them about how people need to read my blog with MY tone... 'cause then they will see the comedy in it... I proceeded to read them yesterday's post with MY tone and we all laughed a little. When I finished yesterday's, I went on to Saturday's.

My daughter was sitting in the room listening, and when I finished the post she was stunned. Stunned to find out that Guy #1 proposed to me and she never knew it. She was actually moved to tears!! Which stunned all of us!

We proceeded to explain that I had declined for a reason. One girlfriend started to explain that you never want to commit yourself into a relationship unless that man loves YOU completely. "Eyes, heart and mind for you only". She said it all very eloquently and when she was done, the other girlfriend commented.... "And so, that is why the four of us are sitting here single."


  1. Happy belated Birthday, glad at least a few of your friends could come to give you some cheer.

  2. Thanks! Yes, despite my continued petitions to be just left alone as usual, I had a very nice evening.