Saturday, June 26, 2010


Guy #1... We made better friends than anything that attempted to be more than friends. In an attempt to leave the ashes behind and only bring the embers, I will just say it was a constantly emotionally rocky road. But, as friends, he was my best friend. Due to the fact that we were so 'rocky', at one point I had moved on and was dating someone new. The someone new, would be Guy #3 (OK... so there was Guy #2 in there as well, but that is not what this is about).

I think he sensed that Guy #3 could be the real thing. He and I were very compatible and it looked promising. As things began to grow a little more serious, Guy #1 panicked.

I came home on my lunch break one day to a very busy list of things to accomplish. I was running around the house gathering things and preparing to mail a package off to Guy #3, when Guy #1 showed up at the house. We chatted and I was busy busy. It was a hot summer day, and I remember how he was just sweating. He was telling me about how he felt about me and I believe I was half listening... but perhaps more focused on accomplishing everything I had to do. When I finished up at the house, I needed to run to the post office before my lunch break was over so I quickly went to leave. Guy #1 continued to follow me... talking about how he felt...etc. As we got outside he stopped me. Got down on one knee. Professed his love for me. Pulled out a diamond ring, and asked me to marry him. I sat there is shock and followed the shock up with a "Are you serious? Get up, what are you doing?" I proceeded to pull him up off the ground still shaking my head in disbelief. "Did you buy that ring? Can you return it? What were you thinking?"

Suffice to say, I didn't accept the proposal. But somehow, he and I continued to be friends.


  1. Glen said, "Your sister could be nicer." I love this story- "Classic Kim!"

  2. My daughter agrees with Glen. I agree with "Classic Kim". Yes, sorry... I am just brash and my filter is rarely used. So, for the men who have dated me... they have known honesty. They have known exactly how I feel about what they have done.

    And, Guy #1 could not have possibly thought I would accept his invitation... given what the situation was. And if he did, that just proves he was all wrong for me... It is like my friend said, "eyes, heart and mind" only for you.

    So, for any guys out there... lesson #1 from me - Marriage proposals to the woman you are NOT involved with when she is involved with someone else (and you are too)... and has shown no interest in being involved with YOU... not a good idea if you get your feelings hurt easily. Especially to girls like me – who will not sugar coat how I feel.

    Besides, when you sugar coat your feelings to a guy… doesn’t it usually just make it a little questionable if they will get the message or just the sugar?