Friday, June 4, 2010


The title of my blog may give away the ending of the story. If not, perhaps the video I posted yesterday ruined it for you?

Chris was in the hospital a few days before I arrived home with the kids. Chris' brother and sister that were in town both changed their flights to stay a couple more days with him. They left on a Saturday and that same day another of Chris' brothers arrived. By Saturday evening Chris' breathing became more labored. His brother spent the night at the hospital with him. Sunday morning they again drained his left lung.

By afternoon his breathing was good - but he was out of it and very tired, no doubt as result of the pain medication. At one point he woke up and asked me if it was Halloween (perhaps I was starting to look a little haggard). He had forgotten his other brother left and could not wake up enough to have a conversation.

I enjoyed watching him drift off to sleep. As he was drifting in and out of sleep he would talk and move his hands and feet. At some points he would even sing in his sleep.

In order to control the pain, and yet leave him functional rather than this comatose state, they decided to give him an epidural. Unfortunately, even with doses as high as what they would give a child bearing mother, the pain was barely touched.

The chest tube they had put in continued to drain and drain. His intestines continued to be inactive.


  1. good that I read your blog before mascara was put on this morning...

  2. Christine - You may want to make that the 'best practice' for the next few days. Even I got a little misty remebering those last few days.