Monday, June 14, 2010


I was out walking with a girlfriend the other night. She and her family were very close with Chris and I. His death had a huge impact on their lives... as, like mine, it changed their day-to-day living. Their kids grieved the loss and they too, transitioned into a different life after his passing.

As we were walking, she sighed and said... "I wonder what life would be like if Chris hadn't died".

It is interesting. Certainly, my life would not be anything like it is... but similarly, hers would probably not be like it is either.

Another good friend, who is going through a great personal trial right now... had her son, who is the same age as my oldest, comment... "This wouldn't have happened if Chris was here".

All of our lives were altered. It makes me think a lot of the impact of one person. He impacted many... and his passing changed lives. It changed many lives. But, while we are living, each of us has the opportunity day by day to change lives, to impact people. What kind of impact did I have on another today?

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