Sunday, June 6, 2010


The kids were at a friends home. When I got there I realized my other good friends were there as well. There around the kitchen table... the heart of home and life... sat my four dearest friends in the world. There seemed to be something symbolic about that scene. Before me sat the four people who would help sustain my life that was beginning to crumble. I talked with them for just a short bit then packed the kids up to go.

When we arrived home I sat the children down on the couch with me and told them that their dad was not doing well. My oldest son, Christopher was crying hard. I told them we would go see Dad in the morning, and inside prayed he would still be with us for the children to see.

When we were driving to the hospital Sunday morning, I was trying to explain to the children that they needed to say good bye to their dad as if it was the last chance they had.

My heart was aching, and yet I continued to feel peace.

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