Saturday, February 20, 2010


There are a few tasks that were my husbands and some that I was fine with assuming as my own. He took care of the garbage. I made the meals. We split the household responsibilities.

Although we had never discussed it, I am positive teaching the children to drive would have been HIS job. I received a packet in the mail the other day from my insurance company... "Vehicle & Driving Safety, On The Road, A Program for Teens and Their Parents". See, it doesn't say "mothers". It says "parents". Which means I should be able to pass it off to someone else to do.

Instead... this sends to me to my bedroom to crawl under my covers, assume the fetal position, until I am somehow brave enough to face my reality.


  1. My mom so agrees with this post! She hated that she had to teach a bunch of us kids how to drive! And she is really not the most patient person, so it was a trial for both parties! But, even so, those of us that were taught to drive by our single mom survived and have ended up pretty good drivers! Good luck with it! I am sure you will survive and be a great teacher!!

  2. Jenn - Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am still however hoping to make this someone else's job! If I taught them it would be like you said "a trial for both parties". :) When I turned sixteen I was staying with my sister for the summer. My brother-in-law took me driving. I will never forget it. I can not imagine what he was feeling, as I was in a wide-open parking lot coming close to hitting light posts! Through the years I have had a couple car accidents and have blamed him for them all... :) Maybe I could solicit him to teach the children!!