Friday, February 12, 2010


My husband died of stomach cancer. He had never smoked a cigarette or had a drink of alcohol in his life. He didn't suffer from heart burn. There was no "known" reason as to how he got stomach cancer.

The day after he died I made some changes to our lifestyle. We only eat Egglands Best eggs now. I don't purchase margarine. We only eat butter. We don't eat smoked sausage. We rarely eat ham. And we don't drink the water from the tap. I went to Culligan's the day after he died and got a water cooler. Don't ask me why. I don't have logical answers.

The five gallon jug the water from Culligan came in was one of the first obstacles I faced as a new widow. They are HEAVY~! And in order to use them you need to be able to pick them up and turn it upside down to put it on the cooler. (I am weak. I was not built to be a widow. I was built to marry a hunky strong man to do all the hard labor for me!) Luckily my brother-in-law showed up a day later and was able to take care of putting the water jug on the cooler for me. I would try to pick it up high enough and flip it around and it was just HARD. It took a couple months before I did it for the very first time without help and without spilling the water. I was so excited! I sent my brother-in-law a text message telling him "I did it!". My first victory of growing stronger (physically) to be able to handle the life of a widow. My sister said to me "At first you will survive, then you will thrive". Being able to put the water jug on was surviving... but this fall when it was time to put the kid's bikes up for the winter... I lifted the bike up above my head to hang it on the hook in the garage where it was usually stored. That I felt was thriving. I didn't even struggle. I just lifted it up there. Then I did a little victory dance.


  1. I am a Culligan Man in Ohio. You may want to try a Culligan Rental Reverse Osmosis system. Reverse Osmosis is the technology that is used to produce the water in the 5 gallon bottles. It removes 94-99% of everything in your water. No more lifting bottles. Bottled water at your fingertips. It can be hooked up to your fridge if it has a water input for icemaker and dispensing. Here in Ohio we only charge 14/mth and free install. I'm not sure about the Culligan where you live. God Bless Cameron

  2. Cameron - thanks for the info... the funny thing is my old boss works for Culligan and in my last job Culligan was one of my clients. I love the people there - and have known about the idea of installing the system in the house. I guess you have to read my "Yes, I Moved Three Times in Three Years" post to understand why I have yet to go that route! As soon as I am settled... all my water will be Culligan water! :) But - for any widows out there who are not as "unsettled" in their living location as I am... Go for it. I have heard nothing but great things!