Thursday, February 11, 2010


My husband and I bought the home we were living in when he passed about two years prior to his death. We took great pride in our home and had spent quite a bit of time and effort in the yard and making it look nice. We had originally moved in right before Christmas - and my husband had a lot of fun decorating the house with Christmas lights the first two Christmases. I loved our home.

The year he was sick, we just tried to get by. To get the things done that really needed to happen. I somehow found time around Halloween to get the kids pumpkins. We carved them and set them outside.

Some of the people in the neighborhood noticed that things were a little different at our home the last few months - but they did not know why. They were not aware how ill he was - but there began to be some 'whispering' among the neighbors when the New Year came and the Christmas lights had never been put up and the Jack 'O Lanterns were still on the front porch stoop... frozen and covered in snow.

There were a few things I did the day after Chris died. One of them was throw the pumpkins out.

Since then whenever one holiday passes to the other and the wrong decorations are up... it takes me back. Funny - how not wanting to relive those last few months motivates me to try and stay on top of things. I have also not put lights up outside on the house since he passed. My kids ask for it every year. Every year I say maybe. But there are some jobs I just don't want to assume. I just want him to do it. And, I guess there is only so much he can do from the other side... and putting up the Christmas lights is not on that list.

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