Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I put my house on the market about a month after my husband passed. I didn't know exactly where I was going to go, or what I was going to do... I just felt like I needed to leave our home. At the time I had thought about moving to a different state where my brother-in-laws live. I thought it would be really good for my kids to be near their uncles, who were so much like their father. After researching that decision, I realized that in order to do this, I would have to give up what I currently had - which was a job that allowed me to be home shortly after the kids every day. If I moved, I'd be in commuting traffic - gone at least two, maybe three more hours every day. I hated being gone... I still do. I long for the days that I was involved in the PTA and took them to school in the morning and picked them up at the end of the day, made dinner most nights and cookies on a regular basis.

I sold my house in two weeks.... and realized I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing. Luckily, we found a nice enough home to rent in the neighboring town.

A year later, I quit my job. That story is for another day... but here I was unemployed, with the money from the sale of my house in my savings account... just needing time to heal. Time to get my life, and my kid's life, on track. I went back to school, only to find out that I would get $0 in financial aid due to the money in my savings account. I guess they didn't understand or care that if I spent that money I would not be able to buy another house... I wouldn't have money to live on.... After one semester, I decided I might as well buy a house... so I did. I bought an ugly little, and I mean little, yellow house that I fixed up.

A year later, I was working full-time and felt claustrophobic in our tiny little house... so I bought a bigger one. I love my house that I am in now.

Three moves, three years. I think everyone thought I was crazy. Sometimes I think back and wonder if some psychologist would analyze that to mean I was 'running' or trying to keep so busy I didn't have time to feel. I say.. yes, those were the perks... but the reality is... I HAD A DARN GOOD REASON FOR EVERY MOVE! :)

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