Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am certain my credit card statement over the past five years can tell a good story.

Sometimes you feel BLAH! So, you have to get something NOT SO BLAH to perk you up. A pink phone, red shoes, a red computer bag with polka dots on the inside, a pink coat, a black and white polka dot purse, fun glitzy earring, a new lipstick, a bright scarf, a perfume called "Provocative Woman" 'cause you feel like anything BUT, a lime green coat with a matching hat, super high heels with big 'ol gems on them... you get the idea!

The first year my husband died, I bought myself a present every month as a reward for making it through another month. Now, well... reality and bills hit and so I reserve my splurges for special occasions... But I still live by the theme... WHEN LIFE ISN'T FUN, YA GOTTA HAVE FUN ACCESSORIES! There is something about sitting at a dead-end job... knowing your kids are home without you.. and having your phone ringing ten times with the reports of fights going on at home... The sunshine? The super cute pink phone I look at every time it rings. It's the little lesson I learned - find happiness in the little things, like your accessories!

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