Thursday, May 27, 2010


Our new doctor was about six feet tall, thin, 39 years old and for the fun of it he never wore socks. The fact that his age was so close to Chris' was no coincidence as that was partially what drew him to the case. To think of a man with a family and the reality that his life may be over - inspired this doctor to give it a try.

When we first met Dr. K we were taken back by how much he talked. The other doctors would answer questions you had - but that was pretty much it. They did not volunteer information. Dr. K was a talker, and we loved that about him. He explained what his plan was for Chris and why he felt like it would be successful. He explained that Chris' cancer was like a bag of rice. If you spill the rice all over your kitchen floor - you can sweep it up but the chances are pretty high that you will miss a piece. Whether it is under the stove or wherever - the chances of getting every piece are slim to none.

Their plan was to surgically go in and try to remove every tumor from Chris' paradigm. There was another thing about the way Chris' cancer had spread - he compared it to a dandelion. When you blow it, some of those seeds will land before others. It seemed that is how Chris' cancer was spreading, which made this procedure they were planning ideal. After removing all the tumors they would wash out the area with heated chemotherapy. They would actually use a pump that would pump the liquid through the area for two hours. While it was pumping through him, they would even shake him a bit to ensure the chemotherapy reached every crack and crevice they may have missed.

Leaving Dr. K's office that day I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was where the Lord wanted us. That this was the surgery we were to do and this was the doctor. I was filled with excitement and joy as the Holy Ghost bore witness to me that this was the path we should be taking. I can not put down in words my gratitude for my Heavenly Father's love for us.

Surgery was scheduled for September 20th.

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