Friday, May 14, 2010


Guy #3... Where to begin. We dated for about six months then spent another four with limited contact. He was my equal in many ways - someone I could see leading forward in a life 'equally yoked'. After Guy #2 it became very clear the difference in dating someone with whom you shared the same spiritual beliefs with. It opened up a whole new world of emotional intimacy. And by 'new'... I suppose I mean 'old'. I had that once. And Guy#3 made me realize how much I was fed by having it. How much I needed it and wanted it.

I also learned the value of trust. He did not live near by, and trusting that things were what or how it was stated they were without being able to tangibly see or touch it. The value in knowing that what was said is what was meant.

He also made me see... I wasn't ready. I needed more time before marriage was in my radar. By the time we went our separate ways it had been two years since Chris' passing. He made me see the effects of dating when I wasn't ready for a relationship (at least a lasting one) to develop. Without that knowledge being shared ahead of time. There is a tinge of regret in me for that. I loved and cared for him... so I ached over hurting him.

It was this relationship that leaves me cautious to this day over dating. It makes me more honest and up front regarding my intentions... and how I feel. There was much I believe that was not communicated in those areas.

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