Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My friend "J" wrote this poem about a widow dating a widower. She tells me it is the way to go! :) I love the thought of the spouses in heaven conspiring for the happiness of those they left behind.

May we have a chance?
by: Janet Melanie

I know the two of you had a lifetime together,
But now that you have gone to the other side,
can I have my turn too?
I know he will always love you,
I will never ask him not to.

Can you release me completely to have one day at time with him?
As friends and more for comfort and companionship,
I know you would have liked him if you were both here.
You know me best,
Will you help me so he and I can be free together?
I will always love you,
He would expect nothing less.

Can the two of you please look down on us,
Give us your blessing, and guidance
Knowing that we will always have you in our hearts,
But allow us to have each other there as well.

We want friendship, peace, happiness and laughter.
One day at a time.
May be you already know that,
For after all maybe the two of you
Put the two of us together.

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