Monday, May 10, 2010


It was Mother's Day yesterday.

2 of my 3 children were here to enjoy the day with me and the third one did call and wish me a happy Mother's Day.

I am sick. I have a cold. My brain is not functioning too well.

I don't really know what my kids did all day while I was in bed. Oh wait, who am I kidding? Of course I know. They were very quiet and never bothered me.

Sunday in my house means we take a 'rest' from certain things. Electronics and gaming is on the list of things we rest from.

But, I guarantee my kids had a great Mother's Day. Mom was too tired to get out of bed and turn off computers and PlayStation. Which left them free to do as they pleased. I would like to believe they have been taught well. That with our new way of living... that means if Mom doesn't have time or is not home... the children have to rule themselves... I'd like to believe they followed the rules and spent the time very wisely... doing character building things like writing a letter to their grandmother and called their brother and read a book and did a random act of kindness for the neighbors and visited the sick. Oh, wait. The sick is me. They did come visit me a time to two. To see if I would take them to go see their friends. Such good children. Visiting the sick on the Sabbath. Even when mom isn't there to tell them to do it. What good children I have.

I hope all you Mothers had a great Mother's Day... and for any mothers like me.. who play both mother and father... if yesterday was not perfect, start planning. Father's Day will be here soon. Yes, I expect to be honored then as well.

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