Sunday, May 30, 2010


The week following surgery Chris made good progress. He spent his birthday drinking barium and getting scans done. It was actually a miserable day for him. He came down with an infection in his metaport. It was scary and sad to see him so sick. He felt like he was going crazy. It gave him a fever, chills, and made his mind think weird things. They ended up taking out the metaport - but the whole thing seemed to set his body back.

After about two weeks in the hospital he was pretty sick of it. I spent my days up there. My friend 'S' would pick the kids up after school and always had dinner waiting when I came home. The weather was still somewhat nice out so Chris and I would go for a walk (well I would walk and push Chris in a wheel chair). We would just go to the courtyard and sit outside. One day I took Chris down to see our friend who lived just down from us, who happened to be on the floor below us. She had surgery on the 29th. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about six weeks after Chris' diagnosis.

Some days it was too cool to sit outside, but the sun was out so we would go out and sit in the car. It kinda became a joke that it was definitely time for him to go home if he was driving around the parking lot for fun.

It was a Friday when Chris finally begged his was out of there.

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