Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It is not often in life you meet someone you don't know who truly cares about you. Maybe that is a harsh statement, as most good Christians have a charitable heart and are loving, right?

Does that include the lady at the DMV? I don't know why most government workers get such a bad rep. But, they do.

When Chris was ill, we signed up for disability benefits with Social Security. He stopped working in April and we had been told it was best to file the paperwork, even if you were never going to need to draw on the benefits... so we did.

It turned out to be a good thing, as once Chris passed, the paperwork was mostly filled out. The lady I worked with at Social Security was nice. She seemed to be conscientious and wanted to make sure I understood everything. I liked her. As I left the office that day she had made a comment that perhaps she would review my case as it appeared there may have been a mistake in it.

I never heard anything... so that was that.

Now... fast forward five years. I start a blog. My friend reads my blog. My friend posts a link to my blog on her Facebook. My friend's friend is the same lady that helped me five years ago. She has since retired and had recently been asked to return to work for a limited amount of time. She sees my picture on my blog and reaches out to find out if that was indeed "me". It is and she expresses her concern that my case was never reviewed for errors as she sensed there was one.

This friend of a friend who I feel has since become MY friend... took the time upon returning to work to pull my case and review it. She was right. There had been an error. She took the time to correct the error, and file the paperwork so I could receive the due benefits. She sent me this little note...

I was looking down at my tablet while I was computing the benefit amounts . . . all of a sudden I felt someone watching me . . . I paused . . . I kept my head down but raised my eyes . . . I could FEEL Christopher sitting in front of me saying "Thank You for helping my family". I whispered "you're welcome".

I am grateful for my husband... who loved and loves me and the kids enough to watch over me continually. And I am grateful for angels like this lady who accept the errand of service.


  1. Thank you for sharing that experience. I have often felt that my dad is looking out for me and my family.

  2. I don't think I ever heard the end of this story. It makes me cry. What a sweet angel lady.