Thursday, August 26, 2010


My sister was in town visiting this week. On their last day here she wanted to take the kids to the cemetary to see where Chris is buried. While attempting to capture the moment with her camera (which she is very good at capturing most moments in life...) my youngest son started running around. I called to him, but he was enjoying the game and didn't surrender. My sister called to him as well, with no luck. She then commented..."poor Chris". We come to his grave and the children don't behave. My sister's oldest son (11yrs. old - same as my youngest), found that to be an odd statement. "Why does he care, he is dead."

My sister seized the opportunity to explain how hard it must be for Chris. His body is dead, but his spirit is alive. She then asked her son what his Dad would do if he were misbehaving. Then tried to make him understand that Uncle Chris sees what goes on, but because he isn't HERE with a BODY, he can't say anything in the same way. She asked him how he thought his Dad would feel in the same situation. To which he solemnly pleaded, "Don't talk about Dad being dead."

When we arrived back to the house from the cemetary, my brother-in-law was greeted with a big hug from his oldest son. A son who was grateful to have a father to discipline him.

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