Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am sure the title is an obvious one... but sometimes people just assume you do. Surprising given today's society... but it still happens.

One of those times was about six months after Chris passed. I was driving in a nearby city when I looked in my rear view mirror to see a cop car behind me with lights flashing. Instantly, I tried to figure out why he was pulling me over. Could it have been for talking on my phone while driving? I was surprised he would have noticed as my widows were tinted... could he really see in? Was it for speeding? I was only going five miles over the limit.. surely he wouldn't bother to stop me for that.

I pulled over dutifully and awaited the cop's arrival at my window. The entire time debating what my correct response would be to whatever he was going to fault me for.

With my window rolled down, insurance card and registration in hand, I greeted the officer. He approached my window carrying a meter of some sort and began to question whether I was aware of the fact that it is illegal to have tinted windows in the front.

Uh... no... I didn't know that. He started to pontificate on the acceptable levels, etc. and I just watched as he measured the level of 'tint' on my windows and then proceeded to write me out a ticket.

I was stunned. How do I fix the fact that I have tinted windows, I innocently asked. He handed me the ticket and told me my husband could easily remove the tint.

Thank goodness for good friends in the Sheriff's department. I drove over to the department, where my friends assisted in removing the tint (and by assist, I mean they did it for me), eliminated my ticket, and made a phone call to the ticketing officer to let him know my husband had just passed after a painful illness, so he should be ashamed of himself for bringing it up.

:) Good Friends.

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  1. Kim- that's where you pull out the tears- mention the cancer- the three young children- and get out of the ticket!