Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I wrote not too long ago... about the man of my dreams. The man that will hopefully be able to fix all my broken stuff. Of course, as most good men are... they are worth waiting for. So, I am still waiting for some things. The first day he came, he did fix my door so that was done. He was also kind enough to show me how to swap out the glass for the screen... and by show me how, I mean he did it.

Our 18month old miniature schnauzer has wreaked havoc on the screen. Not destroying it - but he did either tear it or pull it out along the edges.

So, my door that was fixed is broken in a new way now. We can't leave the main door open, because the dog loves his new dog door and his ability to easily escape and terrorize the neighborhood.

tick tock tick tock....

My brother-in-law will be here in two days... Think he will fix it for me?

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