Monday, August 16, 2010


That is the end of this little tale. And the end of the relationship. I flew over 2000 miles back home... and Grettir... Well, Grettir blew me off once all this was over.

I did find myself back in the land of Utah a few months ago and my sister-in-law was quick to offer to set me up with him again. I wisely turned down this offer... as I am a strong believer that if Grettir had any interest in pursuing a relationship... he would have.

So, that is how it all began, and that is how it all came to an end.


  1. I've been content with reading this blog up to this point...but alas, I must speak. You two have ruined a perfectly tasety PB and J. Is there a better combination? I don't get why we're calling "Mr. Peanut Butter" by a different name, but I'm game...only he is PB in my response to your well written "excuse"for ending the match and YOU are J. So, maybe PB is a bit thick and not as smoooooth as you would like in this situation. Remember, PB can make something as plain as celery taste great and enhance the taste of a delicious apple [even though it is sometimes crunchy when you wish smooth or vice versa] Either way it is great and is there anything that can really replace it? No! Not even honey which flows beautifully and is easy to see through and much easier to spread.PB wins hands down. As for J- you're sweet (and in this case)beautiful to look at. As a matter of fact, J is so beautiful to look at, maybe it's hard for PB to imagine it could enhance your flavor, or help in creating a sandwich that could be better than just wonderful J by itself. With the exception of the rare PB hater, I don't know many who wouldn't say there isn't anything better that a good PB and J. Sometimes thick with PB, sometimes slathered with delicious J.But, no matter how you like it made, it's a perfect combination. You know when sometimes you are given a PB and J by someone else and they just haven't gotten the correct proportions for your idea of the perfect PB and J? Well, I think that's what happened here. Good match of ingredients...just not enough time or opportunities to figure out the right proportions. But, do you kick the ingredients to the side, never to be tested again...

    With greatest love and affection for both PB and J! -----DW

  2. Well hello DW...

    You must be pleased that, at the very least, my date with Grettir was an event I decided to capture in my diary here. It provided enough laughs and was positive enough - it is not one that I have shoved under the couch and am trying to forget ever occurred. Because I have certainly had THOSE kind of dates as well.

    I did enjoy your PB and J analogy. Very good. But, sometimes PB likes to stand alone. Like on celery. He does a perfect job and does not need any J. J on the celery would only serve to ruin the effect of the PB. PB only works with J if you want it on bread. I think this PB was looking for something other than bread in this point of his life. He is looking for the celery... the apple.

    I can understand that. Sometimes it is good to be just you. Especially when you know that once you start introducing the bread.. you have to take the time out of your insanely busy life to work on things like proportions. Who has time for that when you have a busy work job and a busy home job?

    So, the end. :)