Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MAY 7, 2010

I think due to the craziness of life over the past several years, my kids have not had the opportunity to foster very many friendships with the children at school.  I was hesitant to have them go play at others' homes as I did not know the parents, and I was not home enough it seemed to have friends over.  Every minute of every day just seemed packed full.

My daughter seemed to struggle the most with this.  It seemed to have stunted her ability to have close friends like the other girls in her class had. Just a week or two before this she had the opportunity to go to play at a friends house.  I did not know the parents, but felt inclined to let her go.  I had dropped her off at the girls' mother's home.  The mother seemed very nice and I instantly felt at ease with the girl.  I was curious about the family, as I had never heard of this girl before and I didn't quite understand where the friendship had come from.

On May 7... a Friday... my daughter came home from school inquiring if she could have a sleepover at her new friend's father's house.  I must make the clarification here that sleepovers are just a no.  End of story.  Stay 'till late - return in the morning, no problem.  But, we sleep at home. Curiously, when she asked, I didn't hesitate and said "sure".  I didn't think about it at the moment... but I had, in reality, just agreed to let my daughter sleep over at some man's house... who was single... who I had never met.  I am not sure how that happened.

Forever etched in my head is the moment I pulled in the driveway... He had a long circular driveway.  He was on the lawn playing baseball with his 8 year old son.  My daughter's friend was out on the lawn as well.  I pulled into the driveway far enough to get the car off the road and stopped.  My daughter hopped out of the car and I followed.  I stood there half in the car and half out with the door open.  He walked over and I briefly introduced myself and chatted about the girls' intentions. He was tall, salt and pepper hair.  He struck me.  I was intrigued.  We exchanged phone numbers so we would be able to contact each other if needed during the overnight. It seemed like a good excuse.

I pulled away.. leaving my daughter playing in the cherry blossoms on the lawn with her friend.

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