Friday, May 13, 2011


I contemplated my choice for the last hour at the office.... There was a very big part of me that wanted to say yes... just my doubting mind that thought I may be starting something that will be awkward to end kept me from an immediate reply. 

I got home.  Kids were good and healthy.  I sent him a text letting him know I would meet him there at 7:30.  Having my own escape car was a must.  I called my friend I had said I would fix up with him and let her know there had been a change, I would be doing some 'inside investigation' work.  I told my kids I'd be out with my friend Wanda.  I was certain I didn't want to tell my daughter.  She would be mortified.

I arrived about 7:29.  He was not there yet.  I bought us tickets for the movie.  Somehow that helped me feel better.  I paced the hall.  I read the bulletin board. I paced the hall. He sent me a text.  He had been delayed getting back to town that day.  He was coming.  He told me not to buy tickets.  I smiled and replied that the tickets were bought and we were ready to go..

A few minutes later I watched him walk swiftly up the front stairs. Dress pants, a shirt and a sport coat.  His hair seemed to be a little damp from having just showered. He smiled, greeted me and we went in to the movie.

First dates are a little awkward.  There seems to be careful placement of the hands and elbows and arms.  As I sat there I was overcome with his smell.  Aroma?  Odor?  How do you say that positively?  It was consuming.  I found my shoulders pressing closer and closer then firmer and firmer against his.  As if I needed to be closer to breathe in his scent.

Part of that was completely unconscious... but then I realized what I was doing.  I tried to reason with myself.  "Kim, move over... you are almost on top of this guy".  "Ummmm... nope can't do it"  "Kim, move over"  "Yikes... I can't". On occasion he would make matters even worse by whispering a comment about the movie in my ear.  What was happening to me?  He seemed to have this power over me that made me melt... I continued to try to reason with myself.  "What is your problem?  You don't even know this guy!  Cut it out and move over."  I couldn't.  It was useless.  Ever see Twilight?  I could completely relate to how Edward felt (minus the desire to suck his blood). 

I was grateful for the fresh evening air following the movie... I could breath and the breeze took his scent in a different direction.  Thank you!! I can think again.

He revealed the research he had done on "Mormons" and his apparent loss for what to do next.  No coffee... no drinks... glass of water?  We headed to his house to visit.  He sat on the sectional style sofa.  I sat as far away from him on the opposite end of the couch as I could.  It seemed safer.  We visited for quite awhile, enjoying engaging conversation.... the night grew late and I said good bye... so I could go home and not catch one bit of sleep.... That would be the first of many sleepless nights to come.  Something had just happened.

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  1. This story always cracks me up...thinking of "R" sitting there with you leaning into him! Ha! Though I don't know that you want to admit to that Twilight comment....:) Missed you yesterday!